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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 8 (1): 485-488 (2016)
Studies on prevalence of cestode parasites in fresh water fish, Channa punctatus from Meerut (Uttarpradesh) India
Bindu Sharma
Department of Zoology D.N.P.G. College Meerut (U.P.) INDIA
E-mail: bindu2502@
Abstract : The present investigation deals with the prevalence of three cestode parasites viz. Lytocestus sp., Proteocephalus sp. and Gangesia sp. collected from the intestine of a freshwater fish Channa punctatus in different blocks of Meerut region (U.P.) India during June, 2014 to May, 2015. A total of 125 parasites were collected throughout the year. The high incidence of infection of all these species Lytocestus sp., Proteocephalus sp., Gangesia sp. was recorded in summer season (70.83%, 77.27% abd 72 % respectively) followed by winter season (63.63%, 57.89% abd 52.38% respectively) whereas infection was low in monsoon season (36.84%, 27.78% abd 23.52% respectively). The present study clearly indicates that the intensity of infection throughout the year was found highest in summer season followed by winter and lowest in monsoon. Findings show that beginning of the breeding period, feeding habitat, presence of intermediate host and environmental factors are influencing the seasonality of cestode parasitic infection.

Keywords :Prevalence, parasite, cestode, Channa punctatus, Lytocestus, Proteocephalus, Gangesia
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