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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 8 (1): 473-480 (2016)
Evaluation of FAOAqua Crop model for wheat under different irrigation regimes
A. Sarangi1*, K. K. Bandyopadhyay2, A. Samal3, A. Pathan4
1,3, 4Water Technology Centre, ICAR-IARI, New Delhi-12, India
2Division of Agricultural Physics, ICAR-IARI, New Delhi – 12, India
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : The experiment was conducted at the research farm of the Water Technology Centre, IARI, New Delhi during rabi seasons of 2010-11and 2011-12. Irrigation treatments include irrigation applied at 50% deficit (W1) and 25 % deficit (W2) and full irrigation (W3) under recommended fertilization levels with split doses of N-fertilizer. Full irrigation treatment was based on irrigations to meet the soil moisture deficit up to the field capacity (FC) level and deficit irrigation treatments of 25% and 50% were imposed with respect to the full irrigation.The model was calibrated with experiment generated data sets of rabi 2010-11 and validated using the data set of rabi 2011-12. It was observed that the validated model performed well for grain yield prediction with absolute prediction error of 2.9%, 0.91% and 7.85% for full, 25% deficit and 50% deficit irrigation levels, respectively. Also, for prediction of biomass yield the prediction error ranged from 11.81% to 28.96% for all three irrigation treatments. Moreover, the validated model was observed to predict the water productivity with absolute prediction errors of 43.57%, 13.87% and 12.8% for full, 25% deficit and 50% deficit irrigation treatment levels, respectively. Nonetheless, it was observed from this study that the AquaCrop model can be used to simulate the grain and biomass yield for wheat crop with acceptable accuracy under different irrigation regimes in a semi-arid enviroment.

Keywords :AquaCrop model, Calibration, Irrigation regimes, Validation, Wheat crop
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