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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 8 (1): 423-428 (2016)
Productivity enhancement and popularization of improved production technologies in wheat through frontline demonstrations
Vivek Sharma, Vijay Kumar*, S.C. Sharma and Sukhvinder Singh
Regional Research Station for Kandi Area (Punjab Agricultural University), Ballowal Saunkhri, Teh. Balachaur, SBS Nagar- 144521 (Punjab), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : Front line demonstrations (FLDs) on wheat were conducted on 150 farmers’ fields to demonstrate the impact of drought tolerant rainfed varieties (PBW 175 & PBW 644) and other improved practices techniques (supplemental irrigation and sowing with seed drill) on production and economic benefits in the kandi region of Punjab state during rabi seasons from 2011 -12 to 2013-14 under rainfed situation. The improved production technologies recorded additional mean yield of 27.8 q/ha and 28.4 q/ha for rainfed varieties and other improved practices. The per cent average increase in yield of rainfed over local cultivars was 35.3, while 29.1 for other improved practices. The average extension gap, technology gap and technology index were 7.3 q/ha, 8.4 q/ha and 22.5 per cent, respectively in different varieties. FLDs recorded higher B:C ratio of 2.32 and 2.52 for rainfed varieties and other improved practices, respectively. The FLDs conducted on improved technologies during the present study resulted in enhancement of yield, net returns and also increased the knowledge of the farmers. Thus, productivity of wheat could be increased by adopting recommended improved management practices with a suitable high yielding variety under rainfed conditions. The present study resulted in convincing the farming community about potentialities of improved production management technologies of wheat in productivity enhancement and for further adoption by the farming community.

Keywords :FLDs, Rainfed, Supplemental irrigation, Seed drill, Wheat
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