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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 8 (1) : 184-190 (2016)
Heterosis studies in rice for the identification of better hybrids for Telangana, India
A. Srijan *, S. Sudheer Kumar, Ch. Damodar Raju, R. Jagadeeshwar
Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University, College of Agriculture, Rajendranagar-500030 (TG), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : In the present study, 23 elite rice genotypes were test crossed with IR 58025A and based on which, 12 restorer lines viz., Rajendra, MTU 1010, IR 64, KNM 118, NLR 33358, Satya, Varalu, RNR 15048, RNR 15038, Tellahamsa, RNR(RK) 28 and RNR(RK) 53 were identified during Kharif- Rabi 2013-14. Then, three CMS lines viz., IR 58025A, IR 68902A and IR 72081A were crossed with these identified 12 restorer lines to produce 36 hybrids in line × tester mating design and were evaluated along with standard hybrid check, PA 6129 at Rice Research Centre, Rajendranagar, during Kharif 2014 to find out the best heterotic combinations in terms of grain yield and yield component characters. The degree of heterosis varied from trait to trait. Out of 36 hybrids studied, the significant standard heterosis for grain yield is observed in 3 hybrids, over best check PA 6129, viz., IR 58025A × MTU 1010 (18.25), IR 68902A × RNR 15038 (14.59) and IR 72081A × RNR 15038 (9.57). The best experimental hybrid IR 58025A × MTU 1010 recorded average heterosis (78.26) and heterobeltiosis (64.37). These three experimental hybrids can be further evaluated over locations for large scale commercialization in Telangana.

Keywords :Heterosis, Heterobeltiosis, Rice and Standard heterosis
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