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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 8 (1) : 122-127 (2016)
Quantitative changes in phytochemicals in tomato plant due to application of resistance inducing chemicals and their role in inhibition of early blight pathogen Alternaria alternata
S. A. Raut* and S. G. Borkar
Department of Plant pathology and Agricultural Microbiology, Post Graduate Institute, Mahatma Phule Krishi Vidyapeeth Rahuri- 413722 (Maharashtra), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : Phytochemicals viz. soluble protein, reducing sugar and phenols were quantified from tomato (Solanum lycopersicon) leaves after application of resistance inducing chemicals viz. salicylic acid, β-aminobutyric acid, chitosan and 2,6- dichloroisonicotinic acid as 8 hr seed dip treatment or 2 hr seedling dip treatment or both treatment to study their effect on induction of resistance and inhibition of growth of pathogen. Soluble proteins and phenols were found maximum due to seed+seedling treatment of salicylic acid @ 1.5 mM concentration with 76.90 per cent and 102.68 per cent increase over control whereas reducing sugar was maximum for seed+seedling treatment of β- aminobutyric acid @ 15.0 mM concentration with 61.38 per cent increase over control. The increased level of protein quantity had no effect on inhibition of Alternaria alternata growth, whereas the increased quantity of sugar inhibited the average growth of Alternaria up to 19.39 per cent. Among phenolic compounds catechol and the cinnamic acid (formed in shikimic acid pathway of phenol biosynthesis) was inhibitory to the A. alternata whereas tannic acid had some effect on inhibition of Alternaria growth (13.84 % fungal growth inhibition). The increased level of sugar+phenol tested against the pathogen completely inhibited the growth of Alternaria fungus. Thus, the increased level of reducing sugar and phenol in tomato leaves due to the application of resistance inducing chemicals seems to be inhibitory to the pathogens multiplication and pathogenesis.

Keywords : Alternaria alternata, Inhibition, Phytochemicals, Resistance inducing chemicals
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