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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 7 (2): 922-926 (2015)
Effect of different packaging materials on the efficacy of sweet flag rhizome powder (Acorus calamus L.) treated sorghum against Sitophilus oryzae
H. C. Latha* and A. Naganagoud
Department of Agricultural Entomology, University of Agricultural Sciences, Raichur-584104 (Karnataka), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : An experiment was conducted to know the effect of different packaging materials and sweet flag rhizome on seed quality of sorghum. The graded seeds were packed in six containers viz., polythene cover, mud container, cloth bag, gunny bag, glass container and steel container and seeds were treated with two percent of sweet flag rhizome powder before storage. The different observations viz., number of live adults, seed damage (%) by Sitophilus oryzae and germination (%) of seeds were recorded. The results revealed that the sweet flag rhizome treated seeds packed in steel container, recorded lowest seed damage percentage (32.00%), number of live adults (5.11) and highest seed germination (76.00%) after nine months of treatment. Hence seeds treated with sweet flag rhizome stored in steel containers reduces the insect infestation and steel containers can be effectively used for maintaining seed quality of sorghum during storage.

Keywords :Containers, Seed quality, Sitophilus oryzae, Sorghum, Sweet flag rhizome
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