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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 7 (2): 851-856 (2015)
Relationship of photosynthesis and related traits to seed yield in oilseed Brassicas
Pushp Sharma
Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Punjab Agricultural University, Ludhiana-141004 (Punjab), INDIA
Abstract : The physiological basis of yield in oilseeds Brassicas needs to be investigated, and the contribution of these traits to its yield is difficult to decipher. Eight cultivars of Brassica belonging to 3 species viz. B. juncea, B. napus and B. carinata - based on significant differences in yield were tested over two years. Net photosynthesis, transpiration, stomatal conductance and water use efficiency were investigated on 3rd and 4th fully expanded leaf on the main stem and related to yield. Average photosynthetic efficiency (umolm-2s-1) was higher in RLC1 (36.1), GSC6(36.3) and PC5 (33.8) cultivars. Impact of environment was inconspicuous. However interactions (GxY) were significant for the studied photosynthetic traits except Pn. Lower transpiration rates were associated with higher water use efficiency in RLC1 (5.69), GSL1 (5.44) and GSC6 (5.40). Positive correlation between SY and Pn (0.385) was recorded for the first time in Brassicas although the magnitude of association was low. Quality mustard cultivar (RLC1, B. juncea) and amongst B. napus GSC6 (canola) and Hyola PAC401 (hybrid, canola) were higher yielders due to relative high Pn, more efficient utilization of water and chlorophyll content. Indeterminate growth habits of the cultivars indicated highest contribution to Pn by leaves during flowering as compared with early siliquae formation. Environment had a profound impact on the yielding ability and the photosynthetic traits.

Keywords : Brassicas, Chlorophyll, Photosynthesis, Yield
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