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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 7 (2): 758-762 (2015)
Growth and yield of Vigna radiata L.) under Terminalia arjuna and Mitragyna parvifolia based agrisilvicultural system
S. Kumar*, L. K. Behera, N. S. Patil and D. B. Jadeja
College of Forestry, Navsari Agricultural University, Navsari- 396 450 (Gujarat), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : The present investigation was carried out in an agrisilvicultural system with treatments involving silvicultural component of 20 years old Terminalia arjuna Bedd. (Arjun) and Mitragyna parvifolia Korth (Kalam) intercropped with agricultural component of four varieties of green gram (Vigna radiata L.) viz. Pusa Vishal, GM-3, GM-4 and K-851. All the varieties of green gram were compared for growth and yield parameters like plant height (cm), number of leaves, number of branches per plant, total grain yield per plant as well as per plot at harvestable stage under Arjuna and Kalam trees. All the varieties of green gram performed superior in terms of number of leaves, numbers of branches, grain yield (per plant and per plot basis) under open condition as compared to crops under Arjuna and Kalam. However, only the plant height was found to be highest under Arjun, followed by Kalam trees. Among all the varieties tested, K-851 variety showed superiority for number of leaves (12.31) and number of branches per plant (3.96) and grain yield (2.66 gm per plant and 0.80 kg per plot) as compared to other varieties (at P=0.05). Therefore, this variety is suggested to grow in south Gujarat condition. Further, comparatively lower yield of crop under tree cover could be due to shade effect, which can be managed by regular pruning of tree branches.

Keywords : Agrisilvicultural system, Arjun, Green gram, Growth, Kalam, Yield
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