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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 7 (1): 286–292 (2015)
Larval growth, silk production and economic traits of Bombyx mori under the influence of honey-enriched mulberry diet
N. Thulasi and S. Sivaprasad*
Department of Zoology, Smt. N.P.S. Government College for Women, Chittoor- 517001 (A.P.), INDIA
*Corresponding author e-mail:
Abstract : The impact of honey on the silkworm, Bombyx mori was demonstrated with reference to the larval growth, silk gland proteins and economic parameters of sericulture. The honey works well at a concentration of 2% in distilled water. At this concentration it promotes growth rates in the silkworm larvae during fifth instar development. It positively reinforces the day-to-day larval growth rate by 4.75 additional percentile points, silk gland growth rate by 4.45 additional percentile points and the gland-body ratio by additional 6.64 percentile points. It stimulates silk protein synthesis in all the three segments of the silk gland, viz., the anterior, middle and posterior parts. Under its influence, the silk gland protein profiles grew significantly by 14.85 additional percentile points in the anterior silk gland (ASG), minimally by 8.68 additional percentile points in the middle silk gland (MSG) and maximally by 15.17 additional percentile points in the posterior silk gland (MSG), compared to their control values. It also stimulates the core shell protein synthesis by 18% and retards floss protein synthesis by ~25% in the three segments of silk gland. In doing so, it contributes to sericulture industry by causing improvements in profit making economic traits such as gland-body ratio, cocoon weight, shell weight, raw silk weight, denier and renditta and by reducing the production of floss, which contributes to loss in the sericulture industry. Honey is suggested as a profitable supplementary diet for silkworm.

Keywords : Bombyx mori, Larval growth, Honey, Silk proteins, Economic traits
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