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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 7 (1): 211–214 (2015)
Nutrient management for jute-rice cropping system using soil test target yield equation
M. V. Singh1, Mukesh Kumar*, S. Mitra and M. Ramesh Naik
Central Research Institute for Jute and Allied Fibres, Barrackpore, Kolkata-700120 (WB), INDIA
1Crop Research Station, Bahraich-271801 (U.P.), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : A field experiment was conducted during the year 2011-13 to study the nutrient management based on soil test to achieve the target yield of jute and rice and their effect of soil nutrient status for jute-rice cropping system. The target yield of jute fibre (3.5 t/ha) with -6% deviation and target yield of rice (5.5 t/ha) were achieved with application of 100% NPK based on ST-TY based along with 5 t/ha Farm Yard Manure (FYM). The highest system productivity (11.7 t/ha) and benefit-cost ratio (3.16) was also recorded higher with application 100% NPK based on ST-TY based along with 5 t/ha FYM. The nutrient uptake by crops and soil nutrients status were higher after three year of jute-rice cropping sequence when NPK were applied with FYM. Hence, combination of inorganic and organic (FYM) fertilizer could achieve target yield and maintain the soil fertility status.

Keywords : Economics, Jute, Nutrient management, Nutrient uptake, Rice, STCR, Yield
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