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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 7 (1): 182–186 (2015)
Dye extraction from Rheum emodi for colouring silk using natural mordants
M. Srivastava1, D. Mogra1* and P.Gupta2
1Department of Textiles and Apparel Designing, College of Home Science, Maharana Pratap University of Agriculture & Technology, Udaipur –313001 (Rajasthan), INDIA
2Department of chemistry, Agra College, Agra - 282004 (UP), INDIA
*Corresponding author: E-mail:
Abstract : Applicability of natural dyes has increased several folds in the past few years due to the eco-friendly approach of the people. This paper concerns with the dyeing of silk fabric with colorant extracted from Rheum emodi (commonly known as rhubarb, himalayan rhubarb, Indian rhubarb) in the presence of selected five natural mordants. Extract using hot percolation with methanol was (27.55%) found suitable and maximum absorption (λmax) was observed at pH of 10 in aqueous solution. A wide range of shades ranging from yellow to olive green were obtained. As per the visual evaluation Concentration (0.1%), dyeing time (60 min.), mordant concentration (2%) and pre mordanting method were observed optimized for dyeing. From the results of fastness grade for sunlight and washing it is concluded that the samples mordanted with Harda (Terminalia chebula) and Amla (Phyllanthus emblica) were excellent followed by Anar (Punica granatum), Bahera (Termirudia belerica) and Katth (Acacia Catechu).

Keywords : Extraction, Mordants, Natural, Rheum emodi, Silk
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