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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 6 (2): 751-754 (2014)
Decision making ability of agri- entrepreneurs at Jammu and Kathua districts of J & K state, India.
Bhavana Gupta1, Quadri Javeed Ahmad Peer2* and Jaswinder Kaur3
1Division of Agricultural Extension Education, FOA, SKUAST-J, Chatha, INDIA
2Division of Agricultural Extension Education, FOA,Wadura, SKUAST-Kashmir, INDIA
3Department of Dry Land Agriculture, CCS HAU, Hisar (Haryana), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : The concept of entrepreneurship has assumed prime importance in research and development for accelerating economic growth in developing countries. The Entrepreneurship development institution has been focusing its attention on developing programmes for entrepreneurship development and innovative training technique for trainers. The entrepreneurs are responsible for many economic decisions that rests on anticipating demand and bearing risks. The investigation on 210 agri-entrepreneurs thirty each from seven agri-enterprises namely vegetable growing, strawberry growing, dairy farming, mushroom growing, bee-keeping, poultry farming and flower growing, selected purposively from Jammu and Kathua districts of Jammu and Kashmir state revealed that one-half (50.48%) of the agri-entrepreneurs were in the high category of decision making ability followed by medium (46.19%) and low (3.33%) levels. Majority (76.67%) of vegetable entrepreneurs were in the high level of decision making ability followed by poultry entrepreneurs (56.67%). Majority (61.43%) of entrepreneurs had not received any training. Only 38.57% of entrepreneurs had received training. Bee-keepers were highest (66.67%) who received training regarding their enterprise. Majority (61.72%) of entrepreneurs received training for a period of seven days followed by 23.46% of entrepreneurs who got training for fifteen days and 14.81% who attended thirty days training. The study inferred that high level of decision making ability of agri- entrepreneurs might be due to individual ownership, high achievement motivation and high risk taking capacity. The appropriate decisions with regard to finalizing different technical, financial and marketing aspects at right time, results in the progress of the enterprise.

Keywords : Agri-entrepreneurship, Bee-keepers, Decision-making ability, Marketing.
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