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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 6 (2): 612-618 (2014)
Screening of mango genetic resource for tolerance against its malformation incidence in Madhya Pradesh, India .
Ashish Kumar
Department of Plant Pathology, J.N.K.V.V., College of Agriculture, Rewa-486 001 (M.P.), INDIA
Abstract : The age old enigma of mango malformation control is still unresolved and eluding the scientists to develop a proper control for the malady. Strengthening of the mango genetic resource base for tolerance traits may seem to be viable criteria of research. Though, prior studies have been undertaken in mango malformation incidence, but screening of large set of germ plasm for tolerance traits in multiple years has so far been a lacuna. The current study evaluated the genetic resource comprising of 65 mango varieties for three consecutive years under natural conditions for incidence of floral malformation. The mean malformation incidence varied from 0.47 % to 60.24%. This study revealed that a group of seven varieties namely Bangalora, Baneshan, Dahiyar, Rammanna, Shakul and Safeda showed resistant type of reaction during both the years of evaluation. However, Moovandan showed highly susceptible type of reaction during both the years. Similarly, germplasm were categorized under moderately resistant, moderately susceptible and susceptible category on the basis of their reaction to malformation incidence.

Keywords : Floral malformation, Inflorescence type, Mangifera indica.
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