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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 6 (2): 605-611 (2014)
Effect of different modes of pollination on quantitative and qualitative parameters of Egyptian Clover, Trifolium alexandrinum L.
M. K. Jat, O. P. Chaudhary, H. D. Kaushik, Sunita Yadav* and A. S . Tetarwal
Department of Entomology, College of Agriculture, CCS Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar-125004 (Haryana), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : The effect of different modes of pollination on quantitative and qualitative parameters of Egyptian clover, Trifolium alexandrinum L. was studied at Forage Section, Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, CCS, Haryana Agricultural University, Hisar during 2012 and 2013. Maximum seed setting (81.5%) was recorded in A. mellifera pollination with an 8 frame colony (BP-8F) followed by 4 frame colony (BP-4F) (75.1%), open pollination (OP) (73.8%) and 2 frame colony (BP-2F) (71.5%). Maximum seed yield (2662.3 seeds) was observed in treatment BP-8F followed by BP-4F (2373.8), OP (2316.3) and BP-2F (2235.5). Still lower yield of 2103.0 seeds was found in hand pollination (HP) treatment that was significantly higher than the without insect pollination (WIP) treatment (1114.2). Minimum 1000-seed weight was observed in WIP (2.64 g). The seed weight of BP-4F (3.30), HP (3.20), BP-2F (3.17) and OP (3.03), the heaviest seeds were recorded in BP-8F (3.62 g/1000 grains) and it was at par with the treatment BP-4F (3.30 g). Highest seed germination per cent was recorded in BP-8F (94.7) followed by OP (90.7%). Lowest germination was found in WIP (84.7%). Though some work has been done on this aspect in India but comprehensive pollination studies has not been worked out.

Keywords : Bee Pollination, Egyptian clover, Germination per cent, Seed setting, Seed weight.
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