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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 6 (2): 495-506 (2014)
Combining ability and heterosis for yield, its component traits and some grain quality parameters in rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Kumari Priyanka, H. K. Jaiswal and Showkat A. Waza*
Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding, IAS, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi-221005 (U P), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : The experiment was conducted to estimate combining ability and heterosis for yield, yield attributing traits and few grain quality parameters in rice. The crosses were made among three CMS lines i.e., IR58025A, Pusa6A and IR68897A and seven pollen parents viz., Sarjoo-52, Jaya, Sasyashree, Swetha, HUR 5-2, PR-106 and BPT 5204. Twenty one hybrids were generated in line x tester design. The superior hybrids were identified on the basis of combining ability effect and heterosis. Cross combination IR68897A/Jaya and IR68897A/BPT 5204 exhibited good x good parental GCA effects suggesting that there is additive x additive type of gene action. The cross IR68897A/Jaya showed highest positive SCA effect. The higher magnitude of heterosis for all the yield and quality traits were not expressed in a single hybrid combination. It varied from cross to cross due to diverse genetic background of their parents. The two crosses IR68897A/Jaya and IR68897A/BPT 5204 were found to be heterotic for yield and yield traits as well as the grain quality characteristcs.

Keywords : GCA, Heterosis, Line x Tester, Rice, SCA.
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