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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 6 (2): 473-479 (2014)
Burkholderia sp. from rhizosphere of Rhododendron arboretum: Isolation, identification and plant growth promotory (PGP) activities.
Shweta Nailwal, Md. Shahbaz Anwar*, Kamal Kant Budhani, Amit Verma1, Tapan Kumar Nailwal
Department of Biotechnology, Kumaun University Nainital, Bhimtal Campus, Bhimtal-263136 (Uttarakhand), INDIA
1Department of Biochemistry, GBPUA and T, Pantnagar- 263145 (Uttarakhand), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : Plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) is beneficial bacteria that colonize plant roots and enhance plant growth by wide variety of mechanism like phosphate solubilisation, etc. Use of PGPR has steadily increased in agriculture and offers an attractive way to replace chemical fertilizers, pesticides and supplements. The present research work was designed to isolate and characterize the PGP activity of Burkholderia sp. For this purpose rhizospheric soil from Rhododendron arboreum of Kumaun Himalaya was collected and efficient bacterial strain was screened on the basis of phosphate solubilization. Further, assessment of various parameters of plant growth promotion activity was done and enhanced production of IAA (16.4 μgml-1) and (20.8 μgml-1) was observed in the presence of 250μgml-1 and 500 μg ml-1 of tryptophan, respectively. Correspondingly, in respect of 7.8 μg ml-1 IAA without tryptophan, and their confirmation was executed by TLC. A remarkable change in color from green to reddish-brown zone on CAS plates, suggests the positive result for siderophore production, and finally the seed germination and pot trial experiment depicted the growth index of wheat plant. Therefore, the present study suggests that Burkholderia sp. is beneficial for plant growth promotion.

Keywords : Burkholderia sp., IAA, PGPR, Phosphate solubilization, Siderophore.
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