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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 6 (1): 298-303 (2014)
Ichthyofaunal diversity in Bachan Gad and Kakda streams of the Mid-himalayan Ganga river system of Garhwal in relation to stream gradient and distance
Yogendra Singh, Ashish K. Chowdhary and S.N. Bahuguna*
Department of Zoology and Biotechnology, P.B.70, HNB Garhwal University Srinagar-Garhwal-246174 (Uttarakhand), INDIA
*Corresponding author.
Abstract : The present study was carried out to investigate the comparative seasonal distribution and relative abundance of fish fauna of streams Bachan Gad of river Alaknanda and Kakda Gad of river Mandakini of Mid-himalayan Ganga river System. Total length of the Bachan Gad is 14.5 km from origin to the confluence at main river Alaknanda with an altitudinal variation from 605.94 to 1418.23m (a.s.1), whereas, total length of the Kakda Gad is 15.5 km. from origin to confluence at main river Mandakini with altitudinal variation from 984.50 to 1993.70 m (a.s.1). Total 23 species from Bachan Gad and 20 fish species were identified from Kakda Gad. The differences in the availability of fish-fauna were directly related to the nature of the profile and slope of tributaries; which affects the migration and breeding grounds of the fishes inhabited in the main river Alaknanda and Mandakini of Ganga river system. Variation in the availability of fishes has been recorded from different sites of the stream. In streams and rivers the changes take place along their length is directly related to the eco-physico-chemical nature (water depth, current, substratum etc). All these factors which change along the length of streams are also the factors which control the distribution of the various sections of the biotic fauna and flora.

Keywords :Bachan Gad, Hill-stream fish fauna, Kakda Gad, Relative abundance, Seasonal distribution
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