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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 6 (1): 106-109 (2014)
Effect of three decade long application of chemical fertilizer and amendments on crop yield under maize - wheat cropping system in an acid alfisol
R. P. Sharma, Vandana Kaushal, Gayatri Verma* and S. P. Sharma
*Regional Research Station, Punjab Agriculture University, Gurdaspur (Punjab), INDIA
Department of Soil Science, CSK HPKV, Palampur (Himachal Pradesh), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : The results on the effect of three decade long term application of chemical fertilizers and amendments on the yield of continuous maize-wheat crop rotation in an acid alfisol at Palampur revealed that continuous omission of essential nutrients in a maize-wheat sequence resulted in an appreciable decline in the grain yield of maize and wheat crops. A remarkable reduction in crop yield was noticed in plots where nitrogen was applied alone. Use of recommended level of N alone through urea had deleterious effect on crop productivity. The continuous exhaustion of native pools of K in 100% NP treated plots appreciably reduced percent grain yield. Application of farmyard manure (FYM) and lime along with NPK fertilizers increased the crop yield. The integrated use of optimal dose of NPK and FYM give better and more sustainable yields.

Keywords : Farmyard manure, Long-term fertilization, Maize, Wheat and Yield
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