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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 6 (1): 88-94 (2014)
Germination response of Treculia africana (Dacne) seeds in relation to moisture content, storage method and its duration
E. G. Oboho* and E. L. Ngalum
Department of Forestry and Wildlife, University of Benin, Benin-city, NIGERIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : Edible seeds of forest tree crop may be unavailable in sufficient quantity for tree planting projects and so there is need for storage. The germination response of Treculia africana seeds to storage method, duration and moisture content was investigated. Three storage methods were used namely; open basket, jute bag and air-right bottle. Moisture content over time under the storage regimes was investigated for five weeks while the storage aspect was monitored for 20 weeks. The experimental layout was completely Randomized design with three treatments and three replications. Data was analysed using one way ANOVA at 5% level of significance. Fresh seeds had 100% germination. After first week of storage, this valued decreased to 73.3% and 83.3%, and drastically reduced to 3.3% and 13.3% for seeds stored in the open basket and jute bag respectively. The air-tight bottle maintained values of between 93.3-100% throughout the investigation period. There was statistical difference between storage method and duration. The moisture content of freshly extracted seeds was 36.95% and air-tight bottle maintained steady values were between 35.95 – 35.98%; the values for the open basket and jute bag dropped to 18.97 and 20.13% respectively within five weeks and the critical moisture content of < 24.16% was attained in three weeks after which there was no further germination. It is recommended that fresh seeds of T. africana be sown and where long term storage is needed, the air-tight bottle should be used, but resource poor farmers may employ the jute bag to store the seeds for only two weeks if seeds are meant for sowing. Further research is needed in getting appropriate storage devices for large scale storage of seeds for this important crop.

Keywords : Germination, Moisture content, Seed, Storage and duration, Treculia africana
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