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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 5 (2): 394-396 (2013)
Yield of aerobic rice affected by high temperature stress during summer season -A study from red and laterite zone of West Bengal, India
K. Jana*, G. K. Mallick and S. Ghosh
Rice Research Station (Govt. of West Bengal), Bankura - 722 101 (West Bengal), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : Field experiment on the performance of aerobic direct seeded rice (ADSR) under red and laterite zone of West Bengal was conducted at Rice Research Station, Bankura, West Bengal, India during summer season, 2012. The experimental soil was sandy loam with acidic in nature (pH: 5.2). The results exhibited that the grain yield (1 t ha-1) of rice in aerobic situation was low. This might be due to high atmospheric temperature during flowering period, which results in poor grain setting in panicle and most of them became chaffy due to spikelet sterility. Ultimately, it produced low grain yield of rice in aerobic situation during summer season due to high temperature at flowering period, grain formation and grain ripening stages. Thus, aerobic rice system of cultivation needed good management practices.

Keywords : Aerobic rice, High temperature, Low yield, Spikelet sterility.
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