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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 5 (2): 361-368 (2013)
Quantitative environmental impact assessment of the Open cast mining in Sonbhadra district, Uttar Pradesh, India
Ajai Mishra* and Vinay Kumar Pandey1
Department of Geology, University of Lucknow, Lucknow-226007 (U.P.), INDIA
1GIPL, Energy Division, 5th floor, Orbit Plaza, New Prabhadevi road, Prabhadevi, Mumbai (Maharastra), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : The district Sonbhadra, previously a part of Mirzapur district in Uttar Pradesh, India, was created as a separate district in 1991.Geologically the area consists of Vindhyan supergroup, Mahakoshal group and Dudhi granitoid complex.The district Sonbhadra has rich mineral resources and their potential. The area is known for production of cement grade Limestone and Dolomite; the other minerals are Clay, Calcite, Silimanite and base metals for more than last three decades. These mining areas show impacts on the environmental status of the district. In the present study, the different mining and environmental parameters have been considered for analysing the environmental impact assessment (EIA). A matrix method has been used to delineate the quantitative EIA in the area. Finally, the resulted assessment impact value index (-2861.76), shows significant impact on environment such as degradation of forest land, air contamination due to mining dust, water quality and related health aspect of the area. Thus, major environmental control measures should be taken for sustainable development of the study area such as improvement of mining equipments, proper dumping of the mining waste and large scale plantation.

Keywords : Environmental impact assessment, Environmental parameters, Matrix method, Parameter importance value.
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