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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 5 (1): 242-249 (2013)
Ion funnel quadrupole time of Flight mass spectrometry: optimization for achieving all ion MS/MS and pseudo MSn
Padma Marwah and Ashok Marwah*
AptianceInc. 4220 Beltwood Parkway, Farmers Branch TX, 75244 USA.
*Corresponding author: E-mail:
Abstract : An attempt has been made to study and understand Ion funnel technology for improved detection and measurement capabilities of ions originating from small molecules. Different ways to create and study collision induced fragments have been explored and strategies to achieve various kinds of all ions MS/MS have been discussed. We observed that stability of ions in the system is largely controlled by the funnel exit DC voltage and Rf voltages of the low pressure funnel also contributes to the collision induced dissociation of the ions. An appropriate mix of in source collision energy coupled with Funnel exit DC voltage and low pressure funnel Rf voltage can induce extensive fragmentation of the ions mimicking several stages of MS/MS simultaneously.

Keywords : Ion funnel; QTOF, optimization, All ion MS/MS, Pseudo MSn.
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