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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 5 (1): 217-220 (2013)
Impact of dietary glutathione on hematological indices in rats poisoned with hexavalent chromium
Ajay Kumar1* and Alok Kumar2
1Department of Zoology, Chinmaya Degree College, Haridwar-249403 (UK), INDIA
2Department of Chemistry, Chinmaya Degree College, Haridwar-249403 (UK), INDIA
* Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : The effects of dietary glutathione against chromium induced hematological indices were studied in rats, Rattus rattus albino. Supplementation of glutahione to the diet of chromium fed rats, elevated significantly percent hemoglobin (40.4%), number of red blood corpuscles (48.7%), plasma corpuscular volume (43.4%) and mean corpuscular volume (37.1%) which were inhibited in chromium poisoned rats. However, no marked elevation was noticed in number of white blood corpuscles and total proteins. Intake of glutahione checked the accumulation of glucose, cholesterol, tryglcerides, phospholipids and bilirubin in chromium treated rats. Chromium intoxication significantly increased the activities of transaminases (p<0.001) and dehydrogenases (p<0.01/p<0.001) which declined by supplementation of gltathione which also restored the chromium inhibited activity of alkaline and acid phosphatase. Specific reasons for these pharmacoticological aspects of glutathione have also been discussed.

Keywords : Glutathione, Chromium, Blood, Enzymes, Rat.
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