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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 5 (1): 213-216 (2013)
Assessment of Diara land under Bhagalpur district using remote sensing and GIS tools
Vinay Kumar, R. Kumar*, R. Kumar, B. K.Vimal and M. Kumar
Department of Soil Science and Agricultural Chemistry, Bihar Agricultural College, BAU, Sabour-813210, Bhagalpur (Bihar), INDIA
*Corresponding author. Email:
Abstract : The Diara land is found in between the natural levees of the river and formed due to its meandering and course changing behavior. The topography of Diara land is mostly undulating and intersected with numerous dead and disconnected channels, Remote sensing and Geographical Information System (GIS) is a reliable technique to prepare a comprehensive inventory of land use pattern of an area. The present study was carried out to prepare a complete digital map of diara land of Bhagalpur district using spatial software (TNT Mips). On the basis of visual interpretation of the satellite image and physiographic pattern of the land escape, polygons were digitized for area delineation and mapping for diara land. Out of sixteen blocks of Bhagalpur district, only six blocks were identified as an old Diara land (203.26 km2) and thirteen blocks were identified as a new diara land (869.78 km2). Occupied areas viz. Narayanpur, Bihpur, Kharik, Naugachhiya, Ismailpur, Rangra Chowk and Gopalpur blocks were identified under complete diara land. No any one Diara land characteristics ware marked in Shahkund, Goradih and Sanhaula blocks.

Keywords : Bhagalpur, Diara land, Digital map, Satelite image
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