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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 5 (1): 128-131 (2013)
Description of a new species Cephaline Gregarine Stenophora bristili (Apicomplexa, Sporozoea) from Millipede (Chondromorpha severini) in Aurangabad district (M.S), INDIA
J. C. Bhandari* and S. V. Nikam
Department of Zoology Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University, Aurangabad. (M.S.), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : The study of the endoparasitic cephaline gregarine in the gut content of millipede (Chondromorpha severini) was found to be infested with a new species (Stenophora bristili) of genus Stenophora (Labee, 1899). It differs from all the earlier reported species. The shape of the body of cephalont small elongated, slightly curved and rounded posterior end. Potomerite consists of fine bundle of bristles. The Sporont is elongated curved, slightly tapering and rounded posterior end, having brush like broader in between protomerite and deutomerite, Nucleus is spherical with ecentric karyosome. The different developmental stages including cephalont, sporont, gametocyst and sporocyst have been observed.

Keywords : Cephaline gregarine, Chondromorpha severini, Stenophora.
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