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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 4(2):187-191(2012)
Growth pattern of Prinsepia. utilis (Bhenkal) at different girth classes growing naturally at inner Himalayan region
Bhagat Singh and Arun K. Agarwal
Department of Botany, Govt. P.G. College, Uttarkashi - 249193 (Uttarakhand), INDIA *Corresponding author. E- mail: Received: January 20, 2012; Revised received: June 5, 2012; Accepted: August 12, 2012
Abstract : Present study was undertaken to evaluate the growth pattern of Prinsepia.utilis growing at Western Himalayan region at four study sites i.e. S1 (Jhala), S2 (Dharali), S3 (Jaspur) and S4 (Sukki) at Uttarkashi district at Garhwal Himalaya in the year 2008-09 The data recorded for different parameters related to growth of Prinsepia.utilis at different sites showed variation. Growth parameters viz. lengths of plants, branch number, length of seed, seed output etc. were examined during the present study. Maximum shoot length at 25.1-30 cm girth class (220.5±23.13 cm), maximum leaf area at girth class 5.1 – 10 cm (1.98) and the maximum fruit productivity at girth class 25.1 – 30 cm (1800.63g) were observed where as minimum production was recorded at girth class 10.1 – 15 cm (756.9g).

Keywords : Girth class, Leaf area index, Prinsepia utilis, Seed output, Shoot length
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