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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 4(2):271-274(2012)
Urban ecosystems of Kurukshetra, India, an amalgamations of eco-friendly, historical as well as archaeological adverse facades: A case study
Prem Kumari Gupta
Department of Chemistry, Indira Gandhi National College, Ladwa -136132 (Kurukshetra), INDIA E-mail: Received: August 28, 2012; Revised received: September 11, 2012, Accepted: November 10, 2012
Abstract : Kurukshetra, a state of India is a historical place having global significance linked with its multifaceted aspects concerning education, science education, engineering colleges, museums and above all some sites and spots which are witnesses to the events of world famous war namely, “Mahabharata”. The studies reveal that urbanization processes have turned rural Kurukshetra into a modern semi-urban area with distinct urban features by creating “Urban Estates”. This is an activity which has two faces: Eco-friendly face and adverse ecological face. The generation of an attraction, ultra modern City equipped with vast green belts; impressive avenues having intense plantations of trees, bushes and profusely dotted with Civil Parks is a phenomenal change. One of the most impressive eco-friendly façade of the new environs is the ambience presence of orchards and plant nurseries and there is practice of “Kitchens-Waste” disposal which is disposed off at a safe place to convert it into organic manure. The best of sanitary conditions are in place which is one more environment friendly aspects. A very well laid out “Mini-Secretariat” encompassing virtually each and every office of the District Administration is intensely covered by very thick cover of trees and a new experiment, pioneered first by Haryana Govt.However, the negative features are many to negate the over all positive features. Foremost is related with discarding the traditional and endemic trees like Shisham Dalbergia sissoo, Neem Azadirachta indica, Beri Morus alba, Peepal Ficus religiosa, Banyan Ficus benghalensis and Mango Mangifera indica trees for tree plantations in favour exotic varieties.

Keywords : Archaeological, Facades, Historical, Kurukshetra, Urban ecosystem
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