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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 4(2):237-240(2012)
A study on physico-chemical parameters of Dah lake water, District-Ballia (U.P.), India
Rajnish Kumar Sharma, Devendra Kumar Soni and Nirupma Agrawal
Department of Zoology, University of Lucknow, Lucknow-226007, INDIA 1Central Pollution Control Board, Zonal Office, Lucknow-226010, INDIA *Corresponding author. E-mail: Received: June 8, 2012; Revised received: July 25, 2012; Accepted: September 28, 2012
Abstract : The back water of river Saryu is a prime source of water for Dah Lake, located in Ballia district, have been studied to project the pristinety of water with respect to different pollution sensitive parameters i.e. organic pollutants–BOD, DO, COD, Inorganic pollutants - Electrical Conductivity, Turbidity, pH, total alkalinity, Chloride, Total hardness etc. The pH (7.68), total alkalinity (180.5 mg/l), Chloride (133.12 mg/l), Total hardness(139.83 mg/l), Calcium (60.26 mg/l) and Magnesium hardness (19.38 mg/l) were found well within the prescribed standard for drinking water (BIS 10500:1991) during the study period i.e. April 2006- March 2008. The study inferred that the water quality of Dah Lake is still free from the any kind of pollutants, must be due to its higher assimilative capa City. It also indicates the higher potential for pisiculture and drinking water sources (after disinfection) for the nearby villages which may ultimately improve the economic condition of the surrounding habitation.

Keywords : Assimilative capa City, Dah lake, Dissolved oxygen, Physico-chemical characters, Water quality
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