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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 4(1):36-41(2012)
Regional flood frequency analysis of Tripura based on L-moment
Abhijit Bhuyan and Munindra Borah*
Department of Mathematical Sciences,Tezpur University Naapam, Tezpur-784028, INDIA *Corresponding author: E-mail:
Abstract : The annual maximum discharge data of six gauging sites have been considered for L-moment based regional flood frequency analysis of Tripura, India. Homogeneity of the region has been tested based on heterogeneity measure (H) using method of L-moment. Based on heterogeneity measure it has been observed that the region consist of six gauging sites is homogeneous. Different probability distributions viz. Generalized extreme value (GEV), Generalized Logistic (GLO), Generalized Pareto (GPA), Generalized Normal (GNO), Pearson Type III (PE3) and Wakebay (WAK) have been considered for this investigation. PE3, GNO and GEV have been identified as the candidate distributions based on the L-moment ratio diagram and ZDIST -statistics criteria. Regional growth curves for three candidate distributions have been developed for gauged and ungauged catchments. Monte Carlo simulations technique has also been used to estimate accuracy of the estimated regional growth curves and quantiles. From simulation study it has been observed that PE3 distribution is the robust one.

Keywords : Frequency analysis, L-moments, Monte carlo simulation, PE3 distribution, Quantile estimates
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