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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 4(1):10-15(2012)
Effect of different doses of gamma radiation on growth parameters of Mulberry (Morus) variety Kosen
H. L. Ramesh, V. N. Yogananda Murthy and Munirajappa
1Department of Sericulture, V. V. Pura College of Science, Bangalore - 560 004 (Karnataka), INDIA 2Department of Life Sciences, Ganga Kaveri Institute of Science and Management, Bangalore-560 021(Karnataka), INDIA 3Department of Sericulture/Life Sciences, Jnana Bharathi Campus,Bangalore University, Bangalore-560 056 (Karnataka), INDIA *Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : The present study was carried out to evaluate the effect of different doses of gamma radiations(1kR-10kR from co60)on different growth parameters of mulberry variety Kosen.Overall results revealed that a declined trend in all the growth parameters i.e. sprouting (83.66%-18.66%), rooting (77.96%-19.59%), height of the plant (105.00 cm-58.03 cm), number of the branches (7.73-4.23), intermodal distance (3.76 cm-3.94 cm), petiole length (2.89 cm-2.59 cm) and pollen fertility (77.93%-40.66%) were recorded and showed a deleterious effect. But the response of growth parameters against different doses showed variant behaviour in case of rooting as constant declined trend was not observed. Similarly fluctuating state has been found in other growth parameters also.

Keywords : Gamma, Irradiation, Kosen, Mulberry, Rooting, Sprouting, Survivability
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