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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 4(1):96-103(2012)
Status of plankton diversity and biological productivity of Sahastradhara stream at Uttarakhand, India
D. S. Malik* and Umesh Bharti
Department of Zoology and Environmental Science,Gurukula Kangri University, Haridwar (U.K.) INDIA *Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : The present contribution encompasses on plankton and biological productivity as ecological indicator for identifying the ecological quality of Sahastradhara stream (between 27 km stream stretches), located in the Doon Valley of Garhwal region in India. Monthly sampling from all the sampling sites was made for a period of 12 months (May 2009 – April 2010) at 9:00-11: 00 AM. A total of 40 taxa from different classes of plankton and zooplankton were reported. The phytoplankton (32 sp.) was found being the most abundant taxa than zooplankton (9 sp.) in Sahastradhara stream. Fluctuation in the phytoplankton density was recorded highest (1536 unit/l) during winter and lowest (20 unit/l) during monsoon. Zooplanktons were reported to be maximum (147 unit/l) during summer and minimum (3 unit/l) during monsoon. The total diatoms were reported highest (1022unit/l) during starting the winter and lowest (4 unit/l) during monsoon. Green algae and blue green algae were reported to be maximum during winter and minimum during summer. The Shannon-wiener diversity index calculated for the density of Bacillariophyceae (0.2180-0.366), Chlorophyceae (0.208-0.367) and Cyanophyceae (0.391-0.366) and correlation was made between Plankton biomass and physico-chemical parameters to analyses the relative features of the both variables. The density of plankton and biological productivity were influenced by disturbances in the photic zone and indiscriminate anthropogenic activities for tourist development resulted aquatic habitat degradation in stream ecosystem.

Keywords : Biological productivity, Ecological indicator, Habitat degradation, Plankton.
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