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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 4(1):51-55(2012)
A report on the Butterflies in Jhansi (U.P.) India
Ashok Kumar
Department of Zoology, BSNV PG College, Lucknow, (U.P.), INDIA E-mail:
Abstract : The City Jhansi is famous for the fort, gardens and surrounding hilly areas. These gardens and hilly areas have supported for butterflies and other insects. The butterflies are essential part of any natural ecosystem as their adults performs pollination. They are highly mobile organism and are able to maintain connectivity between the fragmental habitats. The larval stages are herbivorous and cause economic damage but adult are beneficial as pollinators of several trees and herbaceous flora. They are vulnerable to changes in flower supply resulting from deforestation and environmental pollution hence they are the biological indicators of pollution. The present study was conducted regarding the different selected sites visited by butterflies, their foraging activity and abundance at different sites of Jhansi. During the visit some species of butterflies were collected as flower visitors on different species of flowering plants (garden, cultivated, semi wild and wild) in selected areas. The species of collected butterflies were showed the most common and highly active species throughout the day. Some species namely Pieris canidia indica, lxias mrianne (Cramer), Catopsilia crocale (Cramer), Catopsilia pyranthe (Linn.), Eurema hecabe fimbriata (Wallace) Colias electo fieldi and Colias erate (Esper) were observed mostly on the flowering plants of each site during the study. The nymphalids were found to be very common in the plane areas of Jhansi as flower visitors and only one species Papilio demoleus could be collected from only two sites.

Keywords : Biological indicator, Butterfly, Flower visitors, Natural ecosystem, Pollination
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