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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 3(2):176-188(2011)
Photoperiod-modulated instar-specific clock-shifting in the circadian protein and amino acid rhythms in the larval segmental muscle of Bombyx mori
S. Sivaprasad* and B. Sailaja
Department of Zoology, Smt. N.P.S. Government College for Women, Chittoor–517 002 (A.P), INDIA *Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : The photoperiod-modulated clock-shifting in the circadian protein rhythm was studied in the segmental muscle of Bombyx mori. The analysis of phase response curves of the fourth instar rhythm revealed that the muscle tissue completes six protein synthetic cycles (PS cycles) under normal 12 hr light and 12 hr dark cycle (LD), 8 cycles each under continuous light (LL) and continuous dark (DD) conditions. The fifth instar protein rhythm showed seven PS cycles each under LD and DD conditions, but only six under LL. The protein rhythm gets clock-shifted in instar-specific and photoperiod-specific fashions. In the fourth instar, both LL and DD conditions advanced the 24 hr free running time of the rhythm by six hours and set it at 18 hr, but in the fifth instar it is delayed by 4 hr and set at ~28 hr under LL, but remained unchanged under DD. Comparative analysis of protein and amino acid profiles shows that the photoperiod modulates the protein rhythm by altering the rate of amino acid mobilization.

Keywords : Bombyx mori, Circadian amino acid rhythm, Circadian protein rhythm, Segmental muscle, Photoperiod
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