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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 3(2):264-267(2011)
Studies on nematode parasites of fishes of Oinam lake Bishnupur district, Manipur, India
O. Sangeeta ¹, M. Shomorendra² and Devashish Kar¹*
¹Division of Wetlands, Fishery Science and Aquaculture Biotechnology, Department of Life Science, Assam (Central) University, Silchar – 788011, INDIA ²Fish Disease Research Lab.,Department of Zoology, Thambal Marik College, Oinam -795134 (Manipur), INDIA *Corresponding author. E mail:
Abstract : An extensive survey was done for fish nematode parasites of few economically important fishes of Oinam Lake, Bishnupur district, Manipur. 9 species of nematodes were encountered. They are Camallanus anabantis, Procamallanus (Procamallanus) saccobranchi, Paraquimperia manipurensis, Paragendria sp., juvenile stages of genus Syphacia, Haplonema, Spinitectus, Philometra and Parascarophis etc. Of these nematode species, Procamallanus (Procamallanus) saccobranchi, Paragendria sp and Haplonema sp. showed maximum abundance (14.28%) and Paraquimperia manipurensis, Parascarophis sp. showed minimum abundance (4.76%) of parasites. Among the fish species Anabas testudineus had highest percentage (50%) of parasites and Puntius sophore and Colisa labiosus had lowest percentage (1.25%) of parasites.

Keywords : Nematode parasites, Fishes, Oinam lake, Manipur
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