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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 3(1):151-158(2011)
A review on the role of soil microbial biomass in eco-restoration of degraded ecosystem with special reference to mining areas
Vivek Dwivedi and Prafulla Soni*
Forest Ecology and Environment Division, Forest Research Institute, P.O. New Forest, Dehradun, 248006, INDIA
*Corresponding author. Email:
Abstract : Soil microbial biomass constitutes a transformation matrix for all the natural organic material in the soil and acts as labile reservoir of plant available nutrients. In general plants serve as carbon source for the microbial community and in turn microbes provide nutrients for growth through mineralization of plant and animal residues, and organic matter, thus soil microbial biomass is a significant parameter to draw an inference about the soil health. Biodiversity of visible plants and animals has received a greater attention than the meso or micro level organisms. Information about soil microbial biomass can help to quantify the extant of degradation and may help to provide the effective methodology for the restoration in the degraded terrestrial ecosystems. As the changing global climate has been one of the major environmental challenges facing the world today, there is an increasing need to restore the degraded ecosystem, increase their productivity, to increase the carbon sequestration potential of such areas and to make them suitable for the sustainable forestry purposes. This review provides the importance of soil microbial biomass in the derelict mined ecosystems and suggests that an increase in microbial biomass in the soil may enhance the soil fertility, and provide an effective substrate for the nutrient mineralization.

Keywords : Microbial biomass, Restoration, Degradation, Soil health
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