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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 3(1):82-85(2011)
Influence of silica intoxication on female reproductive organs with therapeutic agents Vitamin E and Vitamin C
Shruti Saxena* and S. P. Singh
PG Department of Zoology, D. B. S. (PG) College, Dehradun, 24800 (Uttarakhand), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : The aim of the present study was to observe the alteration of blood biochemical and histopathological variables after silica exposure, and also to show whether therapeutic agents (Vitamin E + Vitamin C) used in study may provide recovery against exposure to silica. In this study, silica was administered as silicon dioxide at a dose of 40 mg/kg for 28 days to produce toxic effect. Recovery pattern was evaluated by Vitamin E + vitamin C(50 mg/kg, ip + 100 mg/kg, po), The present study showed alterations in the activities of oestrogen and LH were significantly decreased in experimental rats after 28 days of silica intoxication. The level of progesteron and FSH, were also decreased. Therapeutic agents i.e. vitamin E and vitamin C recouped the values to normal and near to control.

Keywords : Histopathological variables, Recovery pattern, Blood biochemical, Silica
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