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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 2(2):207-212(2010)
Geo-electrical mapping and groundwater potential zoning in some selected pockets of Baromura hill of Tripura (India)
Sudip Dey * , Chandrani Debbarma, Prasamita Sarkar and Sushmita Paul
Department of Geography and Disaster Management, TripuraUniversity, Suryamaninagar-799130, INDIA
* Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : Baromura hill of Tripura is characterised by complex geology and very rugged landform. Water scar City is a very general problem for the remote hilly villages of this area. Thus groundwater is considered as one of the most valuable natural resources in hilly villages of Baromura hill. The present study aims to prepare small area survey based geo-electrical mapping for understanding groundwater condition in some selected pockets of the study area. For that purpose one hill slope and one trough shaped low land (locally known as lunga) was selected. Soil resistivity meter was used for electrical survey. A circle plot was prepared for geo-electrical survey on the basis of which geo-electrical maps were drawn. In the studied hill slope morphology four sectors of ground water conditions were observed according to their electrical resistivity character namely shallowest zone, medium zone, deep zone and very deep zone. The trough shaped low land (lunga) is characterised by comparatively shallower condition of ground water and it was divided into five classes namely near surface water, very shallow zone, shallow zone, medium shallow zone and medium zone. Though the depth of the water bearing strata cannot be detected by this method it is very suitable for understanding the groundwater potential zones in remote places like present study area.

Keywords : Groundwater, Geo-electrical mapping, Baromura hill, 2-pin survey, Hill slope, Low land
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