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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 2(2):194-199(2010)
Seasonal variation in thyroid activity of turtle Lissemys punctata with respect to annual cycle of reproduction
Vidya R. Chandavar 2 and Prakash R. Naik 1
1 Endocrinology Laboratory, Department of Studies in Zoology, University of Mysore, Manasagangorti, Mysore - 570006, INDIA
2 Yuvaraja’s College, University of Mysore, Mysore- 570005, INDIA
2 Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : The objective of the present investigation was to study the relationship between thyroid activity and reproductive cycle in turtle Lissemys punctata. The animals were studied in the annual seasonal cycle of reproduction for two consecutive years, which is distinguished into three separate periods namely regenerative, reproductive and recrudescent. The thyroid in L. punctata was observed to be a single pyramid shaped gland, creamy white to reddish-brown in color with lenticular profile. The diameter of the follicle was lowest in regenerative period, which gradually increased in reproductive period attaining maximum size in recrudescent, where as epithelial height was highest in regenerative period, which gradually decreased in reproductive period reaching minimum in recrudescent period. Thyroid activity varies annually in relation to different phases of reproductive periods

Keywords : Plasma glucose, Season, Thyroid, Turtle
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