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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 2(2):280-289(2010)
Morphological variations in populations of Urginea indica Kunth.Liliaceae
M. N. Shiva Kameshwari 1*, K. J. Thara Saraswathi2 and M. Muniyamma3
1 Department of Botany, Biosystematics Laboratory, BangaloreUniversity, Jnanabharathi, Bangalore-560 056 (Karnataka), INDIA
2 Department of Biotechnology, BangaloreUniversity, Bangalore (Karnataka), INDIA
3 Ex-Vice Chancellor, GulbargaUniversity, Bangalore (Karnataka), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : An attempt has been made to enquire into the morphological variations which leads to evolutionary divergence of populations of Urginea indica Kunth. In particular, there were considerable morphological variations within the species. The thirty two cytotypes showed distinct morphological differences in shape, size and colour of bulb and leaf, the length of inflorescence and flower colour. The morphological complexity is accompanied by high degree of cytological variations. Preliminary measurements of reproductive, characters have shown that no noteworthy results may be obtained in this characters except pedicel length but the vegetative character deviated significantly. Flowering and blooming time varied that also played a role in isolation of these populations. These morphological differences have a genetic basis and would be worthy in recognizing them as a separate sub specific taxon.

Keywords : Urginea indica, Liliaceae, Cytotype
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