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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 2(1):13-16(2010)
Effects of different doses of nitrogen treatments on isoprene emission from Ficus glomerata
Abhai Pratap Singh1*, Rashmi Singh2, Usha Mina3, M.P. Singh2 and C.K. Varshney1
*1School of Environmental Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, INDIA
2Department of Botany, U.P. College, V.B.S. Purvanchal University, Jaunpur (U.P.), INDIA
3Deartment of Environmental Sciences, IARI, Pusa, New Delhi, INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : In the present investigation on the effect of nitrogen treatments on emission of isoprene from Ficus glomerata has been evaluated. Four sets of plants were treated with following four doses of nitrogen in the form of ammonium nitrate solution (i) 10 mM (ii) 50 mM (iii) 100 mM (iv) 200 (mM) and control set was designed without any treatment. Nitrogen treated as well as control plants were sampled for isoprene emission using a dynamic flow through enclosure chamber technique and samples were analysed with the help of GC-FID. Isoprene emissions from control, 10 mM, 50 mM, 100 mM, and 200 mM nitrogen treated plants were found to be 27.5 ± 4 mgg-1 h-1 , 56 ± 6 mgg-1 h-1 , 91 ± 11 mgg-1 h-1 , 101 ± 10 mgg-1 h-1 , and 15 ± 4 mgg-1 h-1 respectively. Lowest isoprene emission (15 ± 4 mgg-1 h-1 ) was noticed in plants treated with 200 mM nitrogen. Isoprene emissions were found to increase exponentially in plants treated with nitrogen up to 100 mM. Nevertheless, plants treated with 200 mM nitrogen exhibited decrease in emission by 46 per cent, probably on account of nitrite toxi City and reduction in soil pH at high nitrogen dose.

Keywords : Isoprene, Nitrogen, Emission, Plants, Enclosure chamber
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