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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 1(2):275-279(2009)
A study on ground water quality of industrial area at Gajraula (U.P.), India
D. S. Malik, Pawan Kumar* and Umesh Bharti
Department of Zoology and Environmental Science, GurukulaKangriUniversity, Haridwar-249404, INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : The present study aims to identify the ground water contamination problem in villages located in the close vicinity of Gajraula industrial area at Gajraula (U.P.), India. Ground water samples were collected from different villages at the depth of 40 and 120 feet from earth’s surface layer. Analytical techniques as described in the standard methods for examination of water and waste water were adopted for physico-chemical analysis of ground water samples and the results compared with the standards given by WHO and BIS guidelines for drinking water. Water quality index was calculated for quality standard of ground water for drinking purposes. The present investigation revealed that the water quality is moderately degraded due to high range of seven water quality parameters such as Temperature (18.33-32.360C), conductivity (925.45-1399.59 µmho/cm), TDS (610.80-923.73 mgL-1), Alkalinity (260.17-339.83 mgL-1), Ca-Hardness (129.68-181.17 mgL-1), Mg-Hardness (94.07-113.50 mgL-1) and COD (13.99-25.62 mgL-1). The water quality index (WQI) also indicated the all the water quality rating comes under the standard marginal values (45-64) i.e. water quality is frequently threatened or impaired and conditions usually depart from natural or desirable levels.

Keywords : Ground water quality, Industrial pollution, Water quality index
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