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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 1(2):196-200(2009)
Floristic survey of medicinal plants in Sur Sarovar wet land, Kheetham, Agra, India
Rekha Rani*, Reetu Gautam and R.K. Gautam
Department of Zoology, School of Life Sciences, Khandari Campus, Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar University, Agra – 282002 (U.P.), INDIA
*Corresponding author.
Abstract : Wildlife has a very important value in human life in various ways. Wild plants really help to cure various dangerous diseases. Sur Sarovar lake, a National Bird Sanctuary and National Wet land at Agra District also has several valuable medicinal plants which is observed by the survey. Wild plants like herbs, shrubs, weeds, plants and trees used to cure in many kind of diseases like piles, Jaundice, liver diseases, cough, cold, skin diseases, fever, purgative, diuretic, antiworms, antituberculosis, foementation, antitoxin, rheumatism, but most of these plants are ruined by farmers and people due to lack of awareness. Here 49 different plant and species are mentioned accordingly with their botanical names, family, nature and parts of plant which are of medicinal use. Present study has highly focused additional quality of Sur Sarovar lake Agra district, U.P. (India).

Keywords : Wild plants, Medicinal use, Keetham lake, Agra
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