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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 1(1):74-75(2009)
Effect of some selected insecticides on the activity of invertase at different stages of pentatomid bug, Cyclopelta siccifolia W.
A. Naveed*, G.Y. Dayananda and B.B. Hosetti
Department of Applied Zoology, Biosciences complex, Kuvempu University Shankaraghatta - 577451 (Karnataka), INDIA
*Anjuman Arts,Science and Commerce College, Bhatkal, Uttarkannada Dist. (Karnataka), INDIA
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : The invertase enzyme which has been reported to occur in the digestive tract of several insects is believed to be an important enzyme for digestion and utilization of sucrose by insects. In the present investigation the effect of different insecticides such as Endosulfan, Monocrotophos, Methomyl, Phosphomidon and Carbaryl on invertase activity has been carried out at different stages of Pentatomid bug Cyclopelta siccifolia W. with lethal concentrations of respective insecticides. The data revealed that maximum decrease in Invertase activity was detected with (45%) at 24 hours. In case of II instar nymphs the least activity was observed with Carbaryl and it was -75.20% at 24 hours. In IV instar nymphs endosulfan showed its supremacy by reducing the activity by -8.5% in comparison with control. The overall results revealed that the activity of invertase varies with different insecticide treatments and it has been concluded that least activity was recorded with Carbaryl at II instar stage compared to other insecticides.

Keywords : Petatomid bug, Cyclopelta siccifolia, Invertase, Insecticides
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