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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 1(1):62-65(2009)
Alterations in carbohydrate metabolism under cryptorchid condition in albino rats
K. Narasimha Varma, E. Madhuri, S. Sadak Basha, YR. Radha Madhavi, M Guru Sekhar and M. Bhaskar*
Department of Zoology, Sri Venkateswara University, Tirupati-517502 (A.P.), India
*Corresponding author. E-mail:
Abstract : Bilateral cryptorchidism was induced surgically in adult wistar strain albino rats and the carbohydrate metabolic pathway has been studied in testis, and sex accessory organs of both control and cryptorchid animals by estimating the marker enzymes and the substrates of the metabolism. In cryptorchid animal tissues, accumulation of lactic acid and glycogen was observed with inhibited phosphorylase activity in comparison to the controls. The reproductive tissues like testis, epididymis, prostate gland and seminal vesicles had shown remarkable elevation in the glycogen content, which can be attributed to decreased phosphorylase activity. In view of androgen dependent nature of phosphorylase its inhibition can be correlated to decreased testosterone circulation in the body. Consequently the free glucose content of the tissues was markedly decreased suggesting a decrease in the mobilization of the carbohydrates into energy metabolism. All the reproductive tissues had shown significant accumulation of lactic acid with inhibited oxidative enzyme activities. Thus the reproductive tissue oxidative metabolism had been suppressed during cryptorchidism leading to a shift towards glycolysis and creating a situation of functional suppression.

Keywords : Cryptorchidism, Carbohydrates, Reproduction, Enzyme, Rat testis
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