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Journal of Applied and Natural Science 1(1):47-49(2009)
Impact of changing ecophysiological conditions in blood urea levels of freshwater fish Wallago attu
Sudhish Chandra
P.G.. Department of Zoology, B.S.N.V. College, Lucknow-226001, INDIA
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Abstract : Definite cyclic variations were observed in blood urea levels of freshwater catfish Wallago attu. The maximal mean blood urea level (8.44±1.96 mg/100 ml) was noted in the month of June while minimal level in December, revealing a difference of 65.87% between the two levels. Seasonal alterations observed here in W. altu were correlated with ecophysiological factors like temperature, food availability, body metabolism, breeding cycle and hormonal changes which have been essentially found to be involved in fish life.

Keywords : Wallago attu, Blood urea, Spawning, Seasonal, Temperature
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